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There’s a reason you started your small business, and I bet it wasn’t to design sales pages, research keywords, or schedule pins.

When you hand off all those tasks that you don’t love to a creative virtual assistant, you’re freeing yourself up to spend your time doing what you do best – dreaming the big dreams, creating your amazing products, and inspiring others.

Our Specialties

My team’s creative and technical experience runs the gamut. Here are some of the things we can do as your creative virtual assistant:

Website & Sales Page Design

Blogging & Copywriting

Photo & Video Editing

SEO Audit & Implementation

Social Media Strategy

hi, i'm kelly!

I'll be the business partner you've always wanted

Running a small business can be a lonely and daunting task. When I take on a new client, I’m more than just hired help. I’m a sounding board for your marketing ideas, a second set of eyes before your newest course launch, and a passionate cheerleader for all your successes.

If you’re looking to bring on a team member without having to worry about employing someone full-time, a creative virtual assistant is just what you need.

Project-Based Work

Most of our work is done on a project-basis. This ensures your work gets my team's undivided attention and is finished in a quickly manner.

Monthly Retainer

We take a small number of clients on retainer for whatever marketing, technical, or admin tasks pop up during your day-to-day operations.

10 Yrs Experience

I bring a decade of small business experience along with a slew of tech smarts to beef up your business and take some of those less-fun tasks off your plate.

2 minutes to learn

Why You Should Hire a Virtual Assistant

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My team and I have an extensive list of programs, systems, and apps that we’re experienced with.

Of course technology is constantly changing, so we’re always on the look out for the next thing we can learn for our clients.

Here are just a few we know:

working with kelly

What Clients have
to say

Kelly is an incredibly supportive assistant and all around amazing woman. She made my business operations run so much smoother and saved me SO MUCH time. Having Kelly on my team allowed me to focus in my zone of genius rather than spending so much time on the little things like administrative and technical items, SEO, social media management, and design. She is a self starter and problem solver. She was always a step ahead of me when it came to my business operations. I appreciated Kelly's eagerness and willingness to jump in wherever needed and her 'take charge' attitude. Hiring Kelly was the best decision I made for my business and I'm so grateful to have had her support.
Finance Coach
I absolutely loved working with Kelly! No fuss, efficient, and very professional. She's a true copywriting magician! She'll take 10 minutes to write up something that would have taken me over 2 hours, and it gets much better results & conversions too. No hand-holding or reminders were necessary. I was very unavailable for a few months when my baby boy was born and she just took over and kept the business running without anyone (not even my closest friends) noticing any changes.
Pattern Designer & Blogger
Kelly has taken multiple projects off my plate so that I can concentrate on other aspects of my small business. She has provided feedback and strategies from an outside perspective, which is so very valuable. From SEO to design to social media to photography, Kelly's skills are solid and she has exceeded my expectations. I appreciate her clear and consistent communication and would highly recommend her services to fellow small business owners!
Soap Maker

we have experience with...

course creators

From finance gurus to parenting experts and more, we've helped course creators and coaches with page design, copywriting, and course launches.

Wedding Professionals

I have a special place in my heart for wedding professionals and photographers. My team loves helping with image culling, blogging, and SEO.

Shop Owners & Artists

The retail world can be a tricky thing to navigate alone. We can help with blogging, setting up CRMs, creating workflows, and writing copy.