No more putting it off, dragging it out, or stressing it to death. I’ll take you from nothing to something (amazing) with a VIP Day! 

Sound Familiar?

I totally get it!

These are all the reasons why I provide VIP Days. When you book a VIP Day, there’s no hiring, no learning new technical skills, and no waitlist – just an entire day of my undivided attention on your business. I’ll swoop in and knock out whatever you need without the endless back-and-forth emails and weeks (or months) of decision-making.

VIP Day Options

SEO Overhaul

You want to improve your SEO, but finding the time (or learning how to do it) is just too much right now. I can overhaul your SEO on any platform!

Kajabi Sales Page

Sales and landing pages are the bread and butter for course creators and coaches. I can make a custom Kajabi sales page for you in just a day!

Kajabi Course Setup

Your course is ready to go and you want to launch it NOW, but the technical side of things is holding you up. I can get you ready for launch!

Looking for something else for your 1-day intensive? Contact me and let’s chat!

SEO Overhaul

create a kajabi sales page in 1 day with this vip day intensive

Kajabi Sales Page

kajabi virtual assistant will set up your course in 1 day intensive vip day

Kajabi Course Setup

Reminder: When you book a VIP Day, you are paying for one day of my time, and not for specific deliverables. The lists above are some of the things I can accomplish in one day, but not a guarantee. Progress depends on the size and scope of the project, plus your preparation and responsiveness. Longer sales pages may take more than one day. If you’re unsure if your project fits a 1-day scope, schedule a call to discuss it.

VIP Day Process

Prep & Homework

Once you book, you'll receive a thorough questionnaire that covers everything I need to know to have a successful VIP Day. If we haven't already talked, we'll schedule a kick-off call to go over all the details and you'll be assigned a list of homework.


You'll have 7 dedicated hours of my time (9:00am-4:30pm ET with 30 minutes for lunch). While we won't be on a call during the entire day, I'll message you with updates as I work. You'll need to be available to answer questions and provide feedback.

Ongoing Support

Once the VIP Day is over, you'll receive any files, summaries, walk-through videos, etc, that you need to take over. I'll be available via email for basic Q&A support or fixing any issues for one month following the completion of your project.

you deserve a break

You’re a hard-working creative entrepreneur who deserves a break. By break, I mean a literal put-away-your-laptop, put-up-your-feet, turn-on-your-favorite-guilty-pleasure break. Because let’s be real – most days probably end with you feeling hungry, thirsty, and like you have to pee. (Priorities, amiright?) 

And while I can’t be there in person to hand you a glass of ice water and a taco, I can get some things off your plate (and out of your mental space) so you can find a little more time in your day (even if you just plan on filling it with more work – no judgement here!).

who is this for?

While knocking out your sales page or course setup in a single day sounds amazing, it’s not for everyone.

Ideal candidates for the Kajabi options are organized, decisive, excited to get going, and know what they like without having to “think about it for a little bit.”

If you’re thinking about the SEO overhaul, you’re in luck! This work requires very little input from you, so I welcome all types of business owners to apply (so long as your website is already written, designed, and ready to go). Indecisive slackers rejoice!


$1000 USD

Special Introductory Price:

$750 USD

The time is now!

You could join my waitlist or you could skip the line and get everything done in just one day.

Days are limited and I only take 2 VIP Days per month. If you’d like to discuss your project before you book, head on over to my contact page to schedule a call. If you’re ready book your VIP Day now, click the button below to select a date.

Once you choose your date, you’ll receive your invoice and contract via email.