The Importance of the First Look

The idea of seeing your groom before the ceremony (also called a “first look”) is gaining traction with couples all around the country.

But not so much here in Indiana.

My theories on that are long-winded, and probably best saved for a conversation over cocktails, but I will tell you this… It’s time to get over that antiquated tradition.

Many couples don’t realize where the tradition of a bride and groom not seeing each other first began. Back in the day when arranged marriages were more like business transactions than love connections, there was a lot of wealth, class, and land wrapped up in the deal. Parents on both side feared if the bride and groom met before the ceremony and the groom found his bride to be unattractive, the marriage might not happen. (This is also the reason why veils are worn.)

Romantic, right?

So now that that’s out of the way, let’s discuss some of the pros to doing a first look:

  • It calms your nerves. On my own wedding day, I was a nervous wreck. I paced the bridal suite and told everyone who would listen how I was going to throw up in church in front of 200 people. I strongly believe if I had chosen to see Ryan before the ceremony, it would have eased my anxiety.
  • It opens up your schedule. There’s nothing worse than making your guests fend for themselves for 3 hours while you’re running around town taking photos with your new husband. If you do a first look, you can have all the photos done with before the ceremony even begins, leaving nothing but partying afterwards!
  • You’ll be fresh and ready. You’re spending good money on flawless makeup and a gorgeous hairstyle. Doing your photos before the ceremony (and before 150 loving relatives hug you, pull on your veil, and leave lipstick marks on your cheek) will make sure you’re still looking fabulous.
  • You’ll end up with even more awesome emotional photos. Every bride wants that photo of her husband tearing up as she’s walking down the aisle. But there’s a lot of pressure (and a lot of people watching), so he’s probably be more likely to show a little emotion if he sees you in private for the first time. Plus then we, as photographers, can really get in there and capture it in the best way (and best light) possible, without having to be all the way in the back of a church, or being blinded by the mid-day sun.

Just image. You could have images like these…

wedding first look in woods

wedding first look emotional wedding first look in garden wedding first look wedding first look wedding first look with family

wedding first look in living room

Whatever you decide, it’s your day, and I’m here to make sure it runs smoothly and you’re happy. If that means you want your husband to see you for the first time walking down the aisle, then I’ll be there to catch that reaction as well!

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