Amanda & Brandon at Salomon Farm :: Fort Wayne Wedding Photography

bride and groom portrait

Some of my favorite weddings are ones where everything takes place in one location. The bride and groom (and everyone else) always seem so much more laid back, and it gives us ample opportunity to duck away and take some great portraits.

Amanda and Brandon’s wedding had all that, plus some really great candid moments, like Amanda’s dad seeing her for the first time, the bridesmaids freaking out about the goats, and the groomsmen getting emotional during toasts.

bride smiling while getting into her dress bride's dad crying after seeing bride bridal portrait groom getting ready groomsmen getting ready bride and groom's first look groom smiling during first look bride and groom praying together bride and groom embracing in woods bride and groom standing on front porch on house bride and groom portrait bride and groom sitting on a rock bride and groom holding hands next to sunflowers bride and groom next to sunflowers bride and groom portrait under a tree bridal party in front of barn bride and bridesmaids groom and groomsmen posing in field with clouds bridesmaids petting goats ceremony program wedding rings and bridal bouquet bride walks down the aisle with her dad bride hugs her dad during wedding ceremony outdoor wedding ceremony at salomon farm park bride and groom smile during wedding ceremony bridesmaids and family watch wedding ceremony bride and groom's first kiss bride and groom walk down aisle wedding at salomon farm park rustic details and centerpieces at barn wedding reception naked wedding cake table with rustic details naked wedding cake with rustic details bride and groom enter wedding reception maid of honor toast at reception bridesmaid holds up glass during maid of honor speech bride laughs during best man speech groomsmen cry during best man speech bride and groom cut their wedding cake groom feeds cake to bride at reception bride and groom's first dance in barn bride smiles at groom during first dance bride dancing with her dad at reception bridesmaid cries during father daughter dance bride's father hugs her after father daughter dance bridal party playing cornhole at wedding reception bridal party playing cornhole at wedding reception wedding guests dancing at reception

Ceremony & Reception: Salomon Farm in Fort Wayne, IN

Coordinator: Marry Me in Fort Wayne

Flowers: DIY Florist

Hair & Makeup: Red Stiletto

Catering: Calhoun Street Soups, Salads, and Spirits

Cake: For Goodness Cakes

Music: Alomar Entertainment

Rentals: A Party Apart

Kimberly & Sam's Salomon Farm Wedding :: Fort Wayne Wedding Photography

When I first met Kimberly and Sam back in early March, we hit it off right away. It was one of those conversations where you peel back layer after layer until you realize you have a hundred things in common and it just must be fate that brought you together.

That, or a wedding.

And what a wedding it was! The rustic/vintage/DIY vision Kimberly and Sam described to me at their consultation came alive before my eyes at their August Salomon Farm wedding.

long sleeve lace dress

long sleeve lace dress detail vintage wedding garter with pennies

Bride putting on makeup in hotel bathroom Bridesmaid watching Bride put on makeup in hotel bathroom

Bride putting on makeup in hotel as bridesmaids watch

Bridesmaids putting on lipstick and laughing

Bridesmaids getting ready in hotel room

hotel room where Bride and Bridesmaids are getting ready

Groom getting dressed in hotel room

Groom putting on his tie in hotel room

Groom and Groomsmen hanging out in hotel room

Bride and Bridesmaids hanging out in hotel room Bride standing next to mirror Mother of the Bride zipping up her daughter's wedding dress Mother of the Bride helping her daughter put on her wedding dress Bridesmaids watching Bride get ready in hotel room

Bride smiling in her wedding dress

First Look on front porch

Bride sees Groom for the first time

Bride hugging Groom during first look Bride getting emotional during first look Bride and Groom standing on front porch for first look Bride and Groom portrait on front porch

Bride with 40's hairstyle hugging Groom

Bride and Groom standing in front of red barn Bride & Groom sitting in front of sunflowers

Bridal portrait near farmhouse Groom portrait

Groomsmen and Bridesmaids standing around

Bride pins flowers on Father in Law

Bridal Party in front of a red barn

Bride and Bridesmaids on white farmhouse porch

Bride and Bridesmaids laughing and smiling in mismatching dresses

Groom and Groomsmen in front of red barn Groomsmen hugging Groom in front of red barn Salomon Farm wedding ceremony at red barn

Little girl petting goat at Salomon Farm near ceremony site Wedding ceremony about to start Bridesmaid waiting for her cue during ceremony

Bride's bouquet of dried flowers with pin Bride and Groom heading to ceremony Bride and her father walking down the aisle outside Groom smiling during wedding ceremony Bridesmaids laughing during wedding ceremony Bride grinning during outdoor wedding ceremony Bride and Groom during ceremony Groom wipes away Bride's tears during ceremony

Bride points to her ring finger during wedding ceremony outdoor wedding ceremony Groomsmen during outdoor wedding ceremony Bride listens to reading during wedding ceremony Guests during outdoor wedding ceremony

red barn wedding ceremony in summer Groom goes to kiss Bride during ceremony First kiss during outdoor ceremony presentation of the Bride and Groom during outdoor ceremony Bride and Groom walk down the aisle after ceremony Guest wipes tears from Bride's eyes

Inside red barn at Salomon Farm for wedding reception vintage tea cup and book centerpieces at reception Salomon Farm reception in summer

Homemade cakes with fresh berries for wedding reception

homemade layered cakes with fresh berries


Mad Anthony's beer service at wedding reception Bride and Groom enter reception in barn Bride and Groom laugh during toast Best Man toasts the Bride and Groom Best Man hugs Groom after toast

Bride and Groom cut their wedding cake

Bride laughs after smashing cake on her Groom Bride smiles during first dance in barn Groom hugs Bride during first dance

Father and Bride fast dance at barn reception

Bride and Father dance and laugh Groom dances with his brother and Dad during reception Women try to catch bouquet at wedding reception Bride throws bouquet during barn reception Groom pulls garter off Bride's foot Groom throws garter into a crowd of men Groom with garter winner at barn reception
Bride and Groom dance with guests during dollar dance

Groom dances with guest during dollar dance Kimberly & Sam's Wedding at Salomon Farm in Fort Wayne, IN Groom and guests dance in a huddle

guests dancing guests dancing guests dancing guests dancing guests dancing

guests dancing in a circle at barn reception

barn reception from outside Salomon Farm I had such a blast documenting Kimberly and Sam’s day. They are such an awesome, goofy, and loving couple, and I wish them the best as they start their lives together!

Ceremony & Reception: Salomon Farm in Fort Wayne, IN

Flowers: Karen’s Flower Barn

Catering: Mad Anthony Brewing Company

DJ: Dr. Feelgood’s Inc.

Hair: Tangles Salon

Cake: Viv Stinson

Rentals: Bob Mutton

Dress: Encore Coriander by Watters, Bridal and Formal