Aiden 2 Years :: Fort Wayne Children's Photography

I love photographing toddlers. They’re at an age where they’re a little ball of energy, excitement, and expression. Capturing the perfect photograph with a 2-year-old can be challenging… but it’s the challenge that makes it that much more rewarding in the end.

2 year old boy with truck

Meet Aiden. He turned 2 in September, and it was a pleasure spending this gorgeous November morning with him at the always-beautiful Foster Park. I followed him around for an hour, and we ended up with some fantastic photographs that I hope his parents will cherish for years to come.

2 year old boy looking at trees

2 year old boy peeking over bench

2 year old playing with truck

2 year old sitting on bench with thumb in mouth

2 year old holding truck with thumb in mouth

When I suggested we play in the leaves, he was all about it…

2 year old boy playing in leaves

2 year old boy in front of fall trees

2 year old boy playing on rocks

When we set him on the stone wall, he kept throwing his stuffed toy on the ground. Of course, he found it much more hilarious than those of us who kept having to retrieve it…

2 year old boy sitting on rock wall laughing

2 year old boy feet on rock wall

Curiosity is a funny thing at this age. Aiden went from being a little afraid to climb through the tunnel, to loving it so much he didn’t want to leave!

2 year old boy playing on playground

2 year old boy on slide

Overall, it was a fantastic morning and an even better shoot with Aiden. Thanks to his mom and grandma for tagging along and picking up his stuffed toy over and over again!

Miles 3 Months :: Fort Wayne Baby Photography

After the rain stopped, it turned into a pretty good day. Three-month-old Miles was in a pretty good mood, and ready for his very first photo shoot. I was in the presence of an internet celebrity. I was introduced to Miles through his blog. Okay, so it’s really his mom’s blog… but she likes to post photos and stories about her little one as well. Check it out if you’re interested in health, fitness, and running (like me!).

In case you’re wondering, these photos were all shot at Miles’ home. I don’t have a studio, and at this point, I don’t feel the need for one. What’s better than photographing your kids in the comfort of their own home? What’s more special than photographing them with the clothing and props that they use on a daily basis? After all, my photography is about telling the story of you.

So on with the adorable-ness…

mom kissing 3 month old son on cheek

mom holding 3 month old son

mom holding up 3 month old son

 Three months is a great age to have photos taken because they’re just starting to hold their head up…

3 month old boy on blanket

Along with that, their faces are really starting to show some awesome expressions…

3 month old boy on blanket looking surprised

Miles’ mom had this adorable hat for him to wear. I love the ears!

mom holding up 3 month old son in hat

3 month old boy wearing hat in suitcase

mom tickling 3 month old son in crib

This is one of my very favorite photos from the shoot because his eye contact is so intense that it really makes you wonder what he’s thinking about…

3 month old boy sitting in bassinet

3 month old boy in basket in fall

It’s great to get parents involved in the shoot. This photo of Miles and his Dad is so sweet…

dad kissing 3 month old son

parents holding 3 month old son

mom helping 3 month old son stand

mom cradling 3 month old son

dad holding 3 month old son in tie

Thank you to Miles and his parents for inviting me into your home. He was a pleasure to meet, and I can’t wait to see how he progresses over the next year!