I’m an artist born from two accountants. I like to think I’m the highly-adored black sheep of the family.

I’m a spunky and stubborn midwestern girl with a tendency to break into spontaneous song and dance. I’m a wannabe-rockstar triathlete with a penchant for funny movies and craft beer (IPA, please!).

I live with my husband-slash-web designer extraordinaire, Ryan, and our adorable dachshunds, Maggie and Jake. We like to play board games, take long walks around our neighborhood, and sit on our front porch like an old married couple.



Why Photojournalism?

My photography style can be attributed to my love of television and film. I majored in TV production in college, where I learned to view things from as many creative angles as possible. I love capturing life as it happens. Beautiful moments don’t need a lot of flare or editing… they just need someone talented to freeze them in time just as they are.