Dani & Judd at Hyde Brother’s Bookstore :: Fort Wayne Engagement Photography

engaged couple laughing in bookstore

When Dani and Judd first met, they bonded over their love of “nerdy things” (Dani’s term, not mine). But after spending the afternoon with them, it was clear that they clicked on a deeper level. Dani’s giggly personality meshed perfectly with Judd’s goofy comments and sarcastic tone. We spent some time exploring the one and only Hyde Brother’s Booksellers, then wandered around downtown for some fun shots.

engaged couple kissing behind books at bookstore engaged couple standing in bookstore aisle engaged couple sitting on a chair in a bookstore engaged couple standing behind bookstore ladder engaged couple sitting on stairs engaged couple silhouette against street couple standing in skywalk in downtown fort wayne engaged couple embracing and smiling engaged couple kissing close up of ring as engaged couple kisses

I’m looking forward to September, when I’ll be shooting their wedding on a private farm in Huntington County.