Stephanie & Dalen at Shoaff Park & IPFW :: Fort Wayne Engagement Photography

engaged couple standing amongst large trees

Stephanie and Dalen wanted their engagement session to reflect their past, present, and future as a couple. We started at Shoaff Park, where the two of them used to take long walks together when they first started dating. After that, we shot at IPFW, where the duo had recently received their diplomas. We wrapped up the evening with some fun sunset shots downtown Fort Wayne.
engaged couple holding hands engaged couple embracing in the woods engaged couple holding hands by a large tree engaged couple standing on top of a parking garage silhouette of an engaged couple in a parking garage engaged couple embracing in parking lot elevator engaged couple embracing in a garden engaged couple embracing under willow tree engaged couple in alley with mural

engaged couple on courthouse lawn at sunset

Stephanie and Dalen were married shortly after our shoot together, so stay tuned for a blog post featuring their wedding at the Embassy Theatre!