Melinda & Alex :: Headwaters Park Fort Wayne Engagement Photography

October was my biggest month for engagement shoots, so it was only a matter of time before I had a request for the same location. Little did I know I’d be shooting at the same place two days in a row! (Check out Lyndi and Adam’s shoot at Headwaters Park.)

But I took the challenge, and made a promise to myself to give each couple photographs that were unique to them. The weather definitely helped with that. It was sunny on day 1, then cloudy and rainy on day 2, which gave Melinda and Alex’s session a completely different feel.

I got an email from Melinda right before Christmas letting me know that they were scraping their plans for a Fort Wayne wedding, and would instead be eloping in Las Vegas! I was shocked, but happy for them… and so glad we had this opportunity to get some photos of them as a couple before their big [mildly spontaneous] day.

couple sitting in gazebo at Headwaters Park in fall engaged couple sitting under willow tree in Headwaters Park

engaged couple and engagement ring on a fall leaf engaged couple standing under willow tree in fall

engaged couple leaning against a light pole with an umbrella in Headwaters Park

engaged couple snuggling under a tree

engaged couple kissing under an umbrella by the river in Headwaters Park

engaged couple kissing under a clear umbrella in fall

engaged couple kissing under a clear umbrella engaged couple on the bridge in Headwaters Park in fall engaged couple sitting on the steps to a foot bridge
engaged couple sitting on steps in fall engaged couple cuddling near ivy engaged couple near abandoned warehouse in fall

Melinda and Alex are getting married next week, and I wish them the very best as they start their lives together!

If you’re interested in having engagement photos taken, or you’re still looking for a wedding photographer, hit me up via my contact page!

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